Heart of the Wild Beast Cover

Heart of the Wild Beast

Andie Carrington jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime to join an expedition in search of Sasquatch. While she has no idea that she will meet her destiny, David Wolfe does. He began to teach and prepare her for her future when she was a mere child.

David is the expedition’s guide, part of a plan put in place by the Tansensu, the Sasquatch name for themselves. David knows Andie is his soul mate. She is less certain, but feels a connection to David that transcends time. When she is faced with a bizarre request, one that will put an end to any hope of a life with David, she must decide whether to do what is asked of her or pursue a forbidden relationship with him. David must decide if he will be true to his duty to the Tansensu and his own destiny. Or will he deny the very reason for his existence to be with Andie and save her from a fate she can’t begin to imagine?

Final RWAY Cover2-1

Red, White, and You

Cherry Franklin teaches American History and is in charge of the annual Independence Day pageant. Zachary Somerset is a Colonial soldier. When the unthinkable happens, Zack, an experienced time traveler, must try to change history or America might not exist.  He instinctively goes to 2013 where Cherry–his soul mate–lives, sensing she may have the answer that will save America.  Zack is dressed in an authentic uniform and Cherry believes he is part of the pageant, though Zack insists otherwise. He tells Cherry that nothing is familiar to him and she thinks he is delusional. Once he is able to convince her who he really is, she realizes she may, indeed, be able to help save America.

Cherry also realizes she has dreamed of Zack many times as a friend, but not a lover. Zack is certain they have loved each other throughout time. As Cherry and Zack travel between 1776 and the present, their bond becomes stronger as each absorbs the other’s environment. Zack tells Cherry he loves her, but she won’t tell him she feels the same. She’s afraid to make a committment only to have it taken away by the capriciousness of time travel. Though Zack is ready to take a chance that they can both remain in the same time, Cherry must decide if she’s willing to do the same, knowing if they can’t, she risks a broken heart.

For The Love of Laurel Final 1 MEDIUM

For the Love of Laurel

At her wealthy father’s funeral, Laurel Avidon is given an old newspaper article. At first she ignores it, but soon, circumstances in her life cause her to begin a search for the truth. She suspects her father’s bodyguard/chauffeur, Dylan Kraft, knows more than he’s telling. Sometimes he hampers her efforts, and sometimes helps her, but she is certain he is always in control of the amount and type of information she gets. What makes it worse, even as she fights him at every turn, she senses a growing attraction between them she neither needs nor wants. As her quest takes her from her privileged life into the shadowy world of the DEA, encrypted messages, and drug lords, she finds that the people she knows aren’t always who she thought they were–maybe not even Laurel herself.

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The Snow Globe Anthology Cover

The Snow Globe Anthology

Three sisters, three stories, and three snow globes that just might contain a little Christmas magic.